Hybrid contact lens materials for laboratories

Blank for hybrid contact lens manufacturing
EyeBrid-inside supplies innovative hybrid materials enabling manufacturing laboratories worldwide to produce their own hybrid contact lenses.

EyeBrid-inside's ESiH hybrid blanks consist of a blue tinted RGP material and a colorless last generation Silicone Hydrogel soft contact lens material. The renowned Optimum 100 RGP material and award winning Definitive Silicone Hydrogel material from our partner Contamac, are assembled by EyeBrid-inside through a double-patented and proven polymeric suture.

A proven material

Hybrid contact lenses manufactured using EyeBrid-inside materials were successfully introduced onto the French market in 2012. Thousands of wearers already benefit from the comfort and visual acquity of EyeBrid contact lenses each day and their number is growing at full speed.

A patented technology

The double-patented technology underlying the polymeric suture that enables to assemble the RGP and soft materials is the result of 5 years of extensive R&D by the EyeBrid-inside team.

Great market potential

Hybrid contact lenses offer a new concept that enables to create great value especially for wearers of RGP lenses looking for more comfort, irregular corneas, astigmatisms and high ametropia. The fitting process for practitioners is really simple and straightforward. The benefits offered by hybrid lenses, both from the wearers’ and the practitioners’ points of view, respond to real market needs.

An interesting business model

EyeBrid-inside blanks enable contact lens manufacturing laboratories worldwide to produce their own hybrid contact lenses for their respective markets.